YOUTUBE SERIES: The first six videos of my inventions series are now on Youtube. Simply type in Wayne Edwards Invents. I hope to have between 50-60 videos uploaded by the end of this year. Here is one very simple invention below.


My 51st solo exhibition is planned for July 16th at Moyyans in Santo, Vanuatu. 

 # Due to exhibition / commission commitments I will not be running any art classes in 2017

ABOVE:  Archibald entry of Saroo Brierley, the subject of the film 'Lion' staring Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel. A wonderful Tasmanian story.

ABOVE: Recent portrait of Pol Pot Survivor Leakena Dixon

Recent commission- Created from 6 photos of different scenes from different times of the day to make one composite scene.

A reworked image for the Santo exhibition.